Free Products for Multiples

*updated 2/15/19 Yes, free. Not “put in your credit card” free or free “with $67 shipping.” Actually free. All you have to do is put in a little work sending the letters in the mail. While pregnant, knowing we would be losing my income, I started looking for ways to […]

A Dream of a Photo Shoot

Recently, we had our “newborn” photo shoot with Jillian Renee and it was INCREDIBLE. I say “newborn” because the girls were technically 7 1/2 weeks old at the time of the shoot – but, it was on their due date – which meant they are 1 day adjusted, making it […]

Why I love Class Pass.

Let’s first start of talking about what Classpass actually is. I am sure you’ve seen it floating around social media? Maybe you’ve had a friend sign up or maybe you haven’t? ClassPass is a monthly service that lets you workout at different fitness studios (mostly boutique studios, not places like […]

C-Section: Was it that bad?

“Don’t you want a natural birth? “Are you disappointed you can’t have a real birth? “I can’t believe you want to have c-section?!” “Why can’t you have a vaginal birth? Cats and dogs delivery multiple babies without needing a c-section? “C-sections are a breeze. It’s not even like having a […]

NICU Must Haves

Whew. 32 days spent in the NICU. Feels like a lifetime and at the same time, it feels like it flew by. Isn’t it weird how a moment in time can feel drastically different at the same time? Possibly because we were on overdrive and in such a routine, it […]

Groupon is great, but, have you tried these local websites?

Don’t get me wrong. I love a good Groupon. I don’t think I have ever paid full price for an oil change and I am pretty sure we’ve tried every tour in Columbus because of it. With that being said, I’ve stumbled upon a few local sites who offer INCREDIBLE […]

Top Picks for 2018 Advent Calendars

One of my favorite memories of the holidays growing up is the moment I would receive my advent calendar filled with little chocolates. I’m still not sure the ‘official’ way you’re supposed to eat the chocolate. If you start at 24 and go down to 1 or you start at […]

The Berwick – Monday Lunch Buffet

Remember a few weeks ago when I shared my most FAVORITE thing to eat at the Italian Festival – The Berwick? I mentioned their only downfall was only being able to get it once a year, unless we were invited to an event who catered The Berwick? Well, I have since […]

Looking for the Best Game Day Onesies??

What is the first thing you do when you find out you pregnant? You shop! Well, maybe not the first thing, but, once finding out we were having three girls – I couldn’t resist. I am a big fan of shopping local and lucky for us, we have so many […]

SURPRISE! We’re expecting TRIPLETS!

Have you heard the news? We’re pregnant! Wait. Did you hear we’re pregnant with twins? Wait. SURPRISE. At our 19 week anatomy scan we found out we are actually expecting TRIPLET GIRLS!! Crazy, right? 1 in 9000 chance. We feel very lucky! Lately, I have been getting a TON of […]