Apple Ridge at Sharon Woods

We are so fortunate to have the Metro Parks here in Columbus. Not only do they provide a beautiful green space in the middle of our city, they host fantastic events and have great  playgrounds. Recently, we had a big nanny get together. It is hard to find an outdoor play space that can accommodate a large group, as well as a wide age range of kiddos. Apple Ridge at Sharon Woods does all of the above and more. If you are looking for a new spot for a big group, maybe moms group, church group or just having a get together – take a look at Apple Ridge.

Bathrooms | Drinking Fountain | Picnic Tables

Open Fields | Two Playgrounds | Toddler Playground

Shade | Swings  | Parking Lot

6911 Cleveland Ave | Westerville, OH | 43081

When you turn into the park, your first right will be Apple Ridge. You will see a sign. Follow that around until you see the park. Across the parking lot, you will see another sign for a ‘natural play area.’ This was a lot of fun, too. It is basically an area that hasn’t been cleared out. Lots of sticks to build with, leaves to throw, water to splash in, etc.


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