Wyman Park – Grandview Heights

Wyman Woods in Grandview

As the weather cools down, keep in mind Wyman Woods Park in Grandview. The reason I say “as the weather cools down” is because there isn’t much shade on the playground, unless you climb under the play structure.

In comparison to other playgrounds in Columbus, it’s not very big but for its size, but it has plenty to offer. If your kiddo loves to climb, this is the spot for them. It offers rock climbing walls, “spiderman” netting, rope climbing, ladders, fake rocks to climb up on and more. They also have slides, green space to run and swings. Right near the playground, they have a great swinging bench for the adults. 

Besides the playground, they have a sand volleyball court, soccer fields, a shelter you can rent, BATHROOMS and drinking fountains. It is a great park to have a picnic at, too!

1450 Goodale Blvd |Grandview Heights, OH 43212


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