El Camino Inn

El Camino Inn is a hidden gem. Not for one reason, but, for many. I am a big fan of authentic Mexican food, an amazing happy hour and vinyl. El Camino has all three. My favorite street for food is South Fourth. Ironically enough, this is where El Camino is located. For some reason, I never noticed it. I am going to say because I always parked to the right of Late Night Slice and never made it past Dirty Franks or Little Palace. Probably a good thing I didn’t find out about it until recently because I may have to go daily. We went for chips & dip and stayed for drinks, tortas, vinyl and good vibes.


I started with the Bloody Saint. Sauza Silver Tequila, St-Germain Elderflower Liquer and Blood Orange San Pellegrino. $6

I wish I had taken a picture of the chips and salsa, not that it would have done it justice. They were freshly made and I probably could have eating six baskets. After chips, salsa and our first drink – we both ordered something. My husband is a big fan of tortas and cubans. When he saw the cuban torta, there was no question in his mind on what to order. IT WAS AMAZING. The BEST torta we have EVER had!


The Cubano: Ham, Chorizo, Salchicha, Refried Beans, Jalapeno, Avocado, Oaxaca Cheese, Lettuce, Tomato, Onion & Mayo. $9


Fried Corn Cake with Choice of Meat, Refriend Beans, Lettuce, Queso Fresco, Sour Cream. $4.5

I couldn’t decide between the quesadilla and the gordita. They both sounded amazing. I ended up going with the gordita. The inside was really good. I forgot that I am not a huge fan of corn tortillas. 🙁 However, I would totally order this again because the inside flavors were perfect.

Now, happy hour. I love when I find a happy hour that goes until 7. Happy hours ending at 6 frustrate me because a lot of times I am not off until 6! Darn! Not only does their happy go later than most, it is cheaper than most. They have a long list of $2 drinks + a $4 paloma.


Bonus: Their happy hour includes food, too! I am dying to check out the $3 fish taco on Tuesday.


The vibe in the atmosphere was awesome. It was very chill. It took me back to the movies where your the cool guys dressed in suits where sitting around in a lounge smoking cigars. {minus their was no smoking allowed here} It is small inside, but, you don’t feel overcrowded. We sat at the bar and it was perfect. We are big fans of vinyl and that is what they play while you’re there. So fun!



Photo Credit: El Camino Website- All Images by Cunningham Charlowe Photography

Can’t wait to go back for a girls night and sit here!


Photo Credit: El Camino Website- All Images by Cunningham Charlowe Photography


Photo Credit: El Camino Website- All Images by Cunningham Charlowe Photography



  614.220.8877   |   INFO@ELCAMINOINN.CO

HOURS: MON-FRI: 11:30AM – 2AM  SAT-SUN: 3PM-2:30AM