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12/15 Update: Both Columbus locations are now closed. There’s other locations are still open.


Fast casual pizza – affordable, quick, personal-sized pies with a Chipotle style model – is one of my FAVORITE ways to dine. The possibilities are endless and the combinations can be as creative or as basic as you would like, especially with a place like Pizza Rev. They have three different types of crust (signature thin , double dough , gluten-free), five types of sauce (organic tomato (v) , spicy organic tomato (v), alfredo, sweet & bold BBQ (v), olive oil (v)), six types of cheese (mozzarella w/ buffalo milk, low-fat mozzarella, feta, bleu, ricotta, Daiya® vegan (v)) and over twenty-nine toppings. 

Recently, we checked out the Hamilton Rd. location of Pizza Rev and LOVED it. The employees. The pizza. The choices. The atmosphere. THE OREO DESSERT PIZZA. All great. You know it’s a great time when the entire family is asking when we plan to come back before leaving!

I already miss patio season. Anyone else?

If you haven’t been to one of the other fast-casual pizza joints, just imagine Chipotle having pizza. It’s the same, simple concept. You go down the line and build your pizza as you go. Since they are personal pizzas, it’s perfect to go with a group – specially a picky group because everyone can get what they want. Cuts down on the disagreement of what to get!

I appreciate that they have “our way pizzas.” Sometimes I get overwhelmed with so many options!! Not always, but, when I do – it’s nice to have this! Also, note that they do have a kids meal. Its a bit small pizza and comes with apple sauce or oreos and milk or a juice box.

This is at the beginning of the line. It did play a factor in what I ordered. I wanted the double dough pizza until I saw the comparison of calories to the thin dough! Glad I went with the thin dough because I ended up liking it better anyways. Also, take note – most of their menu is gluten-free. They feature a gluten-free crust, gluten-free sauce & cheese options, and lots of delicious gluten-free toppings.

There are so many options. I love that they have a few vegan options, too!

The lady working said that the vegan sausage was better than the regular. Must try it next time!

Wonder how the daiya vegan cheese melts? I haven’t tried it yet!

I didn’t get a finishing sauce, but, I did get a side of the greek yogurt peppercorn ranch to dip. YUM. I suggest getting it, too! Surprised to see no balsamic drizzle!

After you finish loading up your pizza, they put it in the oven for three minutes. I still can’t believe it cooks perfectly in three minutes. While you wait, you order your drinks and pay. This location (not sure on the other Columbus location) offers beer (canned, bottle & draft) and wine, soda (fountain and bottled) and a few more drinks for the kiddos.

Score on the local beers.

Check that out. They have a great happy. Drinks range from $3-$6 normally.

Must try root beer when its an option.

If they’re gluten free, does that mean you can eat more than one? Kidding, of course.

cake truffles. okay, why didn’t I get any of these?

How awesome is this? They have their own hot sauce line. Something I learned while there, I never put hot sauce on my pizza. Something else I learned? I love hot sauce on my pizza!

The chipotle hot sauce was my favorite. I love the smoky flavor.

Looking at this picture, I just noticed each of us added the fennel sausage. Good thing because it was awesome – perfectly seasoned. We each tried a different pizza crust. I really enjoyed all three of them. The gluten free was the best GF crust i’ve ever had. I liked how the thin crust was crispy, yet had a bit of a chew to it.

Oops. More hot sauce came out than expected. Don’t worry, it didn’t go to waste.

On top of pizza, salads, cookies, beer and wine – they have dessert pizza! Oreo dessert pizza to be exact.It’s there thin crust slathered with a buttery, cinnamon sugar layer and baked until crispy. Next, it’s topped with frosting, powdered sugar, caramel and LOTS of Oreo cookie crumbles. I loved the corner pieces with cinnamon sugar & caramel. My sister loved the Oreos. My husband loved it all. The entire thing was incredible addicting. So much in fact, that we had to order another one to share with the family at home. For only $3.99, it’s the perfect ending to a delicious meal.

I wouldn’t be lying if I said we got this to go and ended up eating it there – forcing us to order another one to take home and share with the rest of the family. LOL!

Pizza Rev

1607 N. High Street
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Phone: 614-299-0900

Every Day 11am – 10pm

5010 N. Hamilton Rd. Suite C
Gahanna, OH, 43230


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