Redwood Wagon Food Truck

This weather sure has me craving one of my FAVORITE new food trucks – Redwood Wagon. They’re bringing us the ULTIMATE comfort food – savory waffle cones & bowls filled with things like mashed potatoes, mac n’ cheese, pulled pork, bacon, cheese, corn, caramelized onions and more. If you guys know me (or my husband) – we talk A LOT. Anytime we have ordered from Redwood, we stop talking. Why? Because we literally can’t stop eating because it is delicious. You don’t ever want the bites to stop.

Prices are easy and straight food. I love it.

It is a tough choice on what to get. My suggestion? Go with another person who is willing to share! Maybe even three – that way you can get all of it! I am a big fan of the savory waffle bowl. Such great flavor!

Like I said, it is comfort food at its finest. Plus, the guys behind the truck are pretty rad. They have a HUGE passion for this and it shines not only in their food, but, in their personalities. They are motivating, caring, curious, hard working, eager to learn more and genuinely want you to love their food. They want to hear feedback. They want you to have a connection to the process. Overall, solid dudes!

Kyle & John

Always having a good time!

“Our goal is to provide a simple, handheld culinary experience that will make your mouth water like the Pacific Ocean! We want to provide an experience that is comfortable, satisfying and hits on everyone’s taste buds. We offer simplicity at its finest in a quickly served, but made from scratch, savory waffle cone delight, packed with mashed potatoes, cheese, gravy, bacon, barbecue and more. Plus, you choose the toppings. Enjoy stuffing a cone that is perfectly crafted for you!” – Redwood Wagon

Back to the food. YUM. Bet you wish you had this right now! I do!

Top five favorite, maybe even top three favorite, foods of all time – mashed potatoes. There mashed potatoes are amazing – knock it out of the park!

“With an amazing group of couples, friends and family, we have joined together to make one amazing food truck experience. Many walks of life and culinary ideas have arrived at the Redwood Wagon. Our passion for travel, community and having the ones we love most be part of our everyday lives, will help drive us to be the best we can be. Look out for seasonal specials, local restaurant collaborations, guest creations and more!” – Redwood Wagon

⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀I am telling you. Find them. Try their food. You will become as big of a fan as I am. You can find their schedule on their website –