SURPRISE! We’re expecting TRIPLETS!

Have you heard the news? We’re pregnant! Wait. Did you hear we’re pregnant with twins? Wait. SURPRISE. At our 19 week anatomy scan we found out we are actually expecting TRIPLET GIRLS!! Crazy, right? 1 in 9000 chance. We feel very lucky!

Lately, I have been getting a TON of questions and I absolutely love answering them. I thought it would be easiest if I put the most common questions in a blog post. If you have any other questions, I am an open book.

This is our very first ultrasound when we found out there were twins. It amazes me that there was another little girl in there hiding!!

How/when did you find out it was triplets? 

We had our first ultrasound around 10 weeks. The lovely internal one, where you see everything crystal clear. Surprise! It’s twins. I stayed decently calm. My husband? Not so much. He about fell over. They had to bring him water. He was pacing. Semi-freaked out. While I didn’t expect twins AT ALL, I was excited.

Now, let’s fast forward 9 weeks. We go in for our 19 week anatomy scan very anxious. I didn’t stay off of the internet and had every possible outcome in my head.  Before I go on, let me rewind a bit. Most of the pregnancy, I was convinced I was having one of each, until about two weeks prior to the anatomy scan (17 weeks). I couldn’t let go of the feeling that they were girls and there were triplets. I wasn’t sure on the third, but, I thought two girls. I told a few clients at work and everyone told me I was crazy and no way! Okay, back to the ultrasound.

We are in there and within 5 minutes, the ultrasound tech says, “TWO GIRLS!” I smiled. My husband sort of freaked, but, was excited.  Honestly, this appointment turned into a blur. I felt like I was almost having an out of body experience! Maybe 15 minutes  later, it seemed as if she was having some trouble. Keep in mind she has been doing this 40 years, but, we ended up learning this was her second set of triplets ever. Mostly because you usually go to a high risk specialist for your ultrasounds. Over and over, she kept following the membrane and would switch back and forth between whether it was baby a or baby b. Ironically enough, I mentioned, “That’s okay, don’t worry. As long as you don’t find out there is third one!” We all laughed….

A few more minutes go by and she has to start over. What we soon found out was, there were TWO babies in one sac and they were moving all around. We couldn’t keep the legs and arms differentiated. Maybe ten minutes later, she gets silent and start scanning back and forth.

“Wait. I think there is another head. Okay. Baby A is here. Baby B is here. Yep, okay. That is another head. I’ll be right back. I’m going to get Dr.L!”

I think this is mostly when things get very blurry. I think we looked at each other and maybe were silent? Or maybe we just laughed because what else is there to do! Two minutes later our fabulous OBGYN comes in and is STUNNED! Every time we see her, we find out something surprising. She scans my stomach and confirms there are three. Following up with, “Once again, this changes things.” Also, mentioning bed rest, delivering at 32 weeks and a few other things to come. I appreciate my doctor more than she will know because she doesn’t sugar coat anything. She is beyond supportive, but, also makes sure we know whats to come.

Next up, they check my cervix and send us to get blood work. We are blessed to say the girls anatomy is perfect, weighing in at 8 0z, 8 0z and 9 oz – the size of what one singleton baby would weight this point. Also, I am proud to say I have a ‘cervix of steel’ for now. I don’t think I’ve ever been happier to hear that. Hopefully that indicates these babies won’t be coming too early.

How did your husband react to the news? What did you do? I would want to die! 

I’m very thankful I did’t die. As I mentioned, he was in shock. I think more so with the twins than triplets? It also could have been he was hiding it with the triplets. When we found out about the twins, he was about to lose it! It stressed me out!! I had to force him to sit down as we waited for the nurse to come in and talk to us.  This time I think he mostly freaked in the car (alone) on the way to and from work. As for me, this is where my husband and I differ. High pressure situations (if you want to call it that) are my speciality. I usually have a 10 min panic attack and after that I go into “figuring this out mode.” Within 24 hours, I had my registry updated. I had our house re-planned (where the babies will go, etc). Freezer meals planned, when we needed to start making them. A few people on call for when I do go on bed rest and a few other things. I think this is my way of making myself feel less overwhelmed. I am on a ticking time bomb of when I will be on bed rest!

Also, there is nothing we can do! This is our new life and we couldn’t be more excited! Everyday, we grow more and more in love with these babies and absolutely cant wait to meet them and watch them grow into good little humans.

What does it feel like having THREE babies inside of you?

I actually felt the first kick from one of them YESTERDAY. I haven’t felt a lot of movement just yet. The kicks yesterday felt like little flutters and it was the coolest thing ever. Now, when I am feeling all three kicking and moving all the time in a few weeks, I might not feel the same. 😉

When are you due?

Our original due date was January 16th. Ya know, NEXT YEAR? With twins, we were thinking maybe 2 – 3 weeks early? With triplets, she said we might be looking at 32 weeks (November 21st), but, she had someone go to 35 weeks (December 12th). I am really hoping we can make it to 34/35 weeks – making sure their lungs are fully developed and we won’t have a long NICU stay. However, when it’s time, it’s time and I am thankful we have wonderful NICU’s here in Columbus!

We’re you trying for twins? Triplets?

Well, we did try this one position and walked backwards afterwards, only talked to each other from 7pm-8pm, watched Scooby Doo and ate cereal daily. Oh and ate a ton of blueberries. JK. I’m kidding. I never really thought about this question coming up, until it did and I get it a lot! I love that people are inquisitive and I love telling everyone as much as I know, but, NO – we were not trying for multiples. We were hoping for one healthy babe and got blessed with three healthy girls!

Conception? How did this happen? 

I’m not sure I’d ask a friend this question unless the situation was right, let alone a total stranger, but I guess people are interested and I am an open book about this! I won’t get into the detail, but, we had a long, relaxing weekend in Hocking Hills and what do ya know – now we have three little girls on the way! To answer what I think most people are looking for, no we did not do IVF. Twins run on BOTH sides of our families + they mentioned me being over 30 having a hand in this all. I guess my eggs were like, “Okay – last chance, let’s all jump” and now here we are! With IVF, I believe I read it is a 1 in 40 chance to have triplets. We are having what is known as spontaneous triplets. 1 in 9000 chance!

You don’t look very big! Are you sure its triplets?

We’re pretty sure it is triplets, hopefully we don’t find a fourth. Ha. Wait, that’s not funny! With pregnancy, we all know there aren’t two people who have the same pregnancy. Everyone’s journey is completely different. Somedays I feel huge and somedays I feel like I am not showing that much. At my 19 week appointment last week, I had gained around 5 lbs. I am eating a TON, but, I do have THREE girls eating, too. Like I said, they’re the size of singleton babies at this point – which means they’re BIG and growing! Each day, I think I get a bit bigger and my doctor said with triplets, it will be exponential! Be prepared for the pictures that will make you uncomfortable because I will be so huge. I’ve read that triplet pregnancies can make you measure 8-10 weeks ahead. Meaning when I am 32 weeks, I could look as if I am 40-42 weeks. Eeeeeek!

18 weeks + 2 or 3 days

Are you going to breastfeed? How will you do that? 

I think we all have what looks like the perfect plan when it comes to being pregnant. What I’ve learned in the last 20 weeks – things do not go as planned! When I found out I was pregnant, I had this first time urge to have a ‘natural’ birth, maybe in water and it was going to be peaceful and empowering. As the journey has progressed, it looks like c-section is the option and they might arrive 8 weeks early. Ya know what? That is empowering as f*ck, too. *insert tears, damn hormones.*Our bodies are amazing and do INCREDIBLE things. Knowing that I am carrying THREE healthy girls and will sooner than later bring them into this world – WOW. I feel like superwoman. Now, back to initial question – breastfeeding? I have NO idea what our breastfeeding journey will look like. My plan is to breastfeed. Maybe mostly pumping as they will be in the NICU. I’m not sure. All I know is, I have the BEST support system and Columbus if filled with the most knowledgeable breastfeeding specialist out there. In the end, whatever works and is best for the girls is what we will do.

Do you know the genders?

Yes! ALL GIRLS! Yes, my husband wanted boys, but, you should have seen his face when he found out it was girls. It almost seemed as if he was secretly wanting girls. 😉 When we found out there was a third, did he hope it was a boy? Of course! Ha. Seconds later, he found out it was another girl .

How/when can you tell if they will be identical? Are you hoping they’re identical? 

Our tech at our doctors office was INCREDIBLE. However, triplets are not her speciality. It looks like we have two in one sac and one on her own. This could mean two identical and one fraternal. We start going to Ohiohealth Maternal Fetal Medicine on September 17th. Our first appointment is two hours long. As anxious as I am about that, that is when we will find everything out! I will be 22 weeks, 5 days at that point.

Names? Are you going to name them all the same letter?

We aren’t planning to name them all the same letter or ‘ABC.’ Before we found out it was three girls, we really only had one name solidified and it was a boys name! I love the names Emersyn, Ava, Harper, Harlow, Kennedy and a few others. You would think that we would have less trouble because we get to pick 6 names, however, I think it makes it harder. A lot of the first names we like, we can’t find a middle name. Plus, I keep thinking – do we name them now? Give Baby A this one and Baby B that one, etc. Or do we have the names and when they’re born –  we will just know which one goes with which?

Will you match them? Will you dress them all the same? 

I’m not sure. Probably sometimes? It gets expensive! Ha! Zulilly is killing me right now with all of their cute outfits. Thanksgiving and Christmas. I think the girls might be in trouble. I will force them forever to dress alike.

How are you so calm? 

Some people say I am in denial and it hasn’t hit me yet, but, I would disagree. I wasn’t expecting twins at our first ultrasound around 10 weeks – that was more of a shock. I think it eased us into triplets and I am THANKFUL it happened that way.  I will admit I am a bit nervous, but, mostly just of the unknown of the pregnancy, the NICU time, etc. We weren’t planning or expecting triplets, but it feels right – if that make sense? I am excited and (I think) ready to start this new adventure! Overall, choosing not to freak out. We will just have to see what happens and take it day by day.

Are you registered anywhere?

I have been asked quite a few times about this and my heart bursts a bit more each and every time. The support we have received brings me to tears daily. From people we have known our entire lives to strangers on the internet, who have now become a place to find support and comfort – I just can’t believe it. These girls are so blessed to be coming into a world filled with so much love surrounding them. We decided to register at Babylist. It is the BEST thing ever. This is the link to the registry.

Hopefully this answers some or all of your questions! I don’t have all the answers because this is all new to me. As our journey progresses and we learn more, I will update everyone. If you have any tips/tricks/experience, please send me an email or DM on IG. As I said in the beginning, I am an open book and will answer what I can!

Than you for being here. We appreciate you ALL more than you might know!