Three Unique Spots in Springfield

This blog post was written in partnership with the Springfield Visitors Bureau. This year for my birthday, we decided to take an Ohio road trip (after we cancelled our trip to New Orleans). I didn’t want to drive anywhere super far (maybe under an hour). I was trying to think […]

Five Spots to Eat in Butler County

One of my favorite things while traveling is to explore the local food scene. It was no different while we were visiting Butler County. What I love about the area is, they have such a great mix of new and old – eclectic and traditional. When visiting, we try to […]

Donut Trail, Round 2

After our most recent visit to Butler County, I declared this an annual trip. Why? Easy. They have a DONUT TRAIL. What does that mean? Similar in style to our ale trail and coffee trail, you visit 12 different locally owned donut shops, eat a donut and get a stamp in […]

Vineyard Woods – Perfect Couples Getaway

There’s something exciting about packing a bag with just the necessities and taking a road trip to explore another town other than your own – stepping back from the busyness of your day-to-day life and just enjoying your signifcant other, right? For us, Vineyard Woods was the perfect spot to […]

Butler County Donut Trail

I am sure you have heard of the Columbus Coffee Trail, the Capital City Wine Trail and the Columbus Ale Trail, but have you heard of the Butler County Donut Trail?  With 10 family owned shops on the trail (no chains allowed), the donut trail is a unique way to explore Butler […]