A Dream of a Photo Shoot

Recently, we had our “newborn” photo shoot with Jillian Renee and it was INCREDIBLE. I say “newborn” because the girls were technically 7 1/2 weeks old at the time of the shoot – but, it was on their due date – which meant they are 1 day adjusted, making it feel as if they are newborns. Yes, it gets confusing on actual vs. adjusted age. (More on that later)

We always knew we wanted to do a newborn shoot, but, never really made the plans to do so. That is where Jillian comes in. She was so sweet in offering us a session + keeping up with our crazy schedule to make sure we made the time to come in. Doing a shoot with her was the best choice we could have made! Jillians unending patience and natural talent (and dark studio at the perfect temp + essential oils diffusing & soft music playing) made the whole experience very relaxing (and rewarding). 

I wasn’t sure how she was going to get three girls into the sweet poses we all swoon over on pinterest, but, she did. She was so gentle and loving while getting them into their different poses. I swear she has magic in her hands! The pictures she took of our girls are absolutely stunning. 

“We loved you before we knew you, even when there was just hope for you — we loved you.”
Emerson Adele – Riley Grace – Harper Rose
I am glad that she started our session by suggesting we get a few pics with the girls. We will always treasure these.

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Q & A about Newborn Sessions with Jillian 

*check out her website for more info*

Q:  When should I schedule my newborn session?
A:  Most newborn sessions are scheduled between the 5th and 6th month of pregnancy.  This assures you a space on my calendar as I tend to book up in advance.  There is always a possibility of getting in closer to your due date, but to ensure yourself a session, please contact me as early as possible.

Q:  What items do you have available for my newborn session?  Should I buy items?
A:  JRP offers a full service studio including hats, wraps, headbands, outfits, props and more!  Please don’t feel the need to make any purchases prior to your session.  Each session is fully customized and any special requests will be taken into consideration and incorporated into your session using props/outfits that are purchased from a hand picked group of vendors who specialize in newborn items.

Q:  How long does a typical newborn session take?
A:  There is no “typical” newborn session.  It all depends on the baby.  I offer a variety of newborn packages and some offer a wider array of posing than others.  I would recommend planning to spend 2-3 hours at the studio.  We’ll go at the baby’s pace and stop as needed for soothing, diaper changes as well as nursing/bottle breaks.  Please bring a good book or magazine and plan to settle in and just relax as my assistant and I work our magic.  After all, you deserve a little break.

Q:  What is the best time to bring my newborn in?
A:  It is recommended that we photograph your baby between 5-10 days of age.  This is the best timeframe to get all of those sweet cuddly poses.  When you book a session, I’ll note your due date and you are guaranteed a time once your baby arrives.  Some babies come early and some arrive a bit late.  We completely understand that and take that into consideration when scheduling our newborn sessions.  

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Behind the Scenes

What you can’t see is the black backpack on my back. Ha. it only takes a few bags to get the girls out the door! Oh and if you’re thinking, “That stroller is massive! It is probably too hard to turn!” Wrong. This stroller is a GEM. I can push it and turn it with one arm. Maybe check back in with me when the girls aren’t less than 9 lbs. Ha.
I wish I had a wall of bonnets and headbands for the girls at home. Major swoon! Oh and her props? She has it all. Whatever your vision is, she can make it come true!

Tip: If you’re looking for headbands, check out www.etsy.com/shop/littlemisscoraco. Tricia, Jillian’s assistant, made the headbands for the girls the night before! They were BEAUTIFUL. You can find more like it + the most gorgeous rhinestone *anti-slip* headbands on her site!!
People always ask me how we got such perfect pictures and my response is always, “Jillian is magical and was made to do this!” Also, she has an amazing assistant – Tricia – who as you can see (holding Stephen’s arms up), helped tremendously! They work insanely well together. They almost don’t even need to talk, they are just in sync! Dream team.

We are so thankful to Jillian for the opportunity to shoot with her {and will treasure these pictures for an eternity}. Newborn photography is her thing, such a natural. I highly recommend her!