Allergy Season with Similasan

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It’s that time of year. The grass is getting greener. The trees are getting fuller. The flowers are blooming. And, well, the allergies are here. Nothing worse than going out on a beautiful day and it getting ruined by red, itchy eyes and uncontrollable sneezing!! While I am lucky to have minimal allergies (mostly itchy eyes), my husband is not so lucky. Poor guy has more sneeze attacks than I can count while mowing the grass. Typical allergy medicines help a bit, but, the side affects are just as worst. He gets drowsy and upset stomach. Not sure which is worst. The side affects or the allergies! Geesh.

When Moms Meet asked if we wanted to review Similasan allergy products – we said yes right away after reading about their commitment to provide temporary relief of symptoms the natural way. They do this by engaging the body’s defenses to support the immune system.

Originating in Switzerland in 1980, the Similasan brand became popular across Europe. Today, Similasan natural remedies are widely used and well-respected in North America. Their gentle remedies help provide temporary symptomatic relief from ailments of the eyes, ears, nose, head, chest, and more. Similasan’s success is due to their commitment to provide temporary relief of symptoms the natural way—by engaging the body’s defenses to support the immune system. To help combat common ailments, all of their products contain high quality ingredients that help naturally relieve symptoms.

Stephen took one of the chewable allergy & sinus relief tablets (easy for on-the-go when you don’t have water) before mowing the grass yesterday afternoon and after he was done, I asked if he thought they helped. He had to think for a minute and said, “You know what. I didn’t sneeze until I got to the back yard – but the huge bush with flowers!” This is HUGE! He didn’t sneeze mowing the front yard – which means he had relief from his typical sneezing spells. Yay! I even got a text earlier today from my mother-in-law who took the eye drops home that she was having itchy/twitchy eyes – remembered she had the drops, put them in and felt relief! We’re all happy to have found these products during allergy season!

These are my two must have products!
I love that they use natural active ingredients.

What we love about Similasan products:

  • Trusted by pharmacists and families in Switzerland for more than 35 years, Similasan Allergy Eye Relief is formulated with natural active ingredients like Eyebright flowers and Sabadilla Lily.
  • Non-GMO Project Verified, these eye drops contain no harsh chemicals, antihistamines, or vasoconstrictors.
    • Vasoconstrictors: harsh chemicals that constrict blood vessels and as a result cause what’s known as the “rebound effect,” typically if used more than four times per day. Often found in eye drops indicated for allergies or redness, common vasoconstrictor chemicals are naphazoline hydrochloride and tetrahydrozoline.
    • Antihistamines: harsh chemicals such as Pheniramine maleate or ketotifen fumarate found in competitive allergy eye drops.
  • You can use Similasan Allergy Eye Relief as often as needed as there are no known side effects or contraindications.
  • The products are very easy to use and store very well. I put them in a little zipper pouch, easy to take with us on our adventures or keep at home.
  • Their products are very affordable. Similasan Allergy Eye Relief typically retails for $6.98 at Walmart. Prices vary by retailer.
  • Most importantly, we love that they truly help relieve the annoying allergy symptoms of itching, watering and redness.
My allergy bag I keep with us at all times!

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Similasan Allergy Eye Relief is available to purchase at many places like Amazon, CVS, Giant Eagle, Kroger, Meijer, Target, The Vitamin Shoppe, Walgreens, Walmart, Whole Foods Market,etc. To find Similasan Allergy Eye Relief in your area, visit for the full list of locations.